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eLoomination has slowly developed from a passion for fiber and the world of textiles that are a part of every individual's life. Weaving is one of the most utilitarian ancient art forms and one that every one of us has in common.


Hand weaver Elizabeth Wagner has been the grateful student and recipient of skills and techniques used in the traditional process of creating cloth. A native New Yorker, Elizabeth studied on a scholarship in New England under two of the most well known American weavers and returns each year to seek out new sources of fiber from family owned fiber farms for the purest, most luxurious, sustainable yarns for her pieces.  

From fine silks and linens to sturdy, warm and durable wools and plant fibers, each throw of the shuttle creates a landscape, line by line, of amazing fabric. Every piece unique, every intersection of warp and weft a metaphor for life. Natural plant, animal and protein fibers are the only type used in Elizabeth's work for the ultimate hand, drape and insulation properties that only natural fiber can offer. Many colors are naturally occurring from the animal or plant itself.

Every step of fabric construction is meticulously measured, threaded, warped, woven and finished entirely by hand on one of two of Elizabeth's maple looms. Each thread individually warped, each fringe hand-twisted and each hem rolled by the artist. No automation is used in the process of creating the natural structures and patterns achieved by the combination of threading, tie up and treadling that are the variables which result in the personality of the cloth.


"Wrapping your life in my inimitable cloth will delight your senses and nourish your individuality." -Elizabeth

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